Innovation Services

ThinkSMART provides consultation services in terms of Innovation to many verticals & industries how they can integrate technologies and bring value to the way they market, advertise & brand.

Smart Marketing Smart Marketing – Through Technology ThinkSMART can design your own marketing strategy which not only brings value in terms of marketing your brand but also through technology and innovation transform your customer experience as well enhance your sales channel as well as through interactivity build up an excellent relationship with your clients converting from customers to a loyal customer.

Smart Advertising Smart Advertising – ThinkSMART generates concepts which not only transform how advertising is done but also integrates interactive and nanotechnology together with artificial intelligence bringing value to clients & taking advertising to the next level

Smart Branding Smart Branding – ThinkSMART introduces Smart Branding through the use of technology and integrating innovative first of its kind devices which brings a whole dimension to branding therefore attracting customer attention and transforming brands making them part of the customer memories through the use of innovative devices and technology. ThinkSMART was the first company to launch 3D Hologram(Smart Illusion) in Middle East which transform the brands and displays the content through LEDs lined up in a sequence and through an algorithm displaying a floating image which attracting the senses and attention of the visitors