Interactive Tables

Multi-touch interactive tables create the best collaboration. Engage your audience from every angle on a dynamic surface.

Coffee Touch Table :-

Coffee Table Give your customers a reason for a meet at your Café or Restaurant
We cant ignore the fact that there is a growing segment of formal & informal meetings taking place at café’s, with the growth in mobility where individuals can access their data anytime & anywhere there are more meetings taking place over a cup of coffee rather than in meeting rooms. How does your Café/Restaurant cash onto this trend & standout,what value can you provide to these segment of individuals which would give them a reason to have coffee in your café even if its at a distance. How about giving them a medium with which they can take the meetings to the next level through smart tables, these are an android/windows enabled touch screen system embedded within the table which automates the dinning experience as well as widens the possibilities for the customers.

Features :

  • Cheaper than the cost of a computer
  • Comes in 21”,32”,42”,55”,65”
  • Interactive self menu on the table
  • Interactive self payment on the table
  • No need to ask or wait for waiters for things just order or chat from the screens
  • Let your family & friends watch football & enjoy over a cup of coffee or sheesha
  • Let the kids watch cartoons
  • Customers can skype with their loved ones back home
  • Let cooking nerds get a chance to view their food being cooked through chef cam
  • Give your customers privacy of their activity within the table itself
  • Water Proof , Tempered Glass
  • Standout & kill your competition

Reception/Lobby Interactive Tables :-

Make every minute of your customer’s presence in your office count
Windows/Android Based touch tables
Every moment that your customer spends can be an opportunity of sales for your organisation, specially the moment he enters his first impression of your organisation might pave the way for the meeting ahead, advertise & market yourself the moment he enters with a powerful interactive tool . As your guests/customers are seated or waiting at the reception, through the interactive touch enabled windows/android table let them have a look at your company’s profile, products, services, references,etc , in a way that they are impressed as well as through the unique experience doesn’t get a feel of waiting, and end up wanting to see more of your company. Grab their attention & and impress them through this innovative marketing experience, and have a long lasting impact as humans remember the memories whenever they comes across something different or new.

Features :

  • Interactive Touch Screen Table
  • Windows/Android OS based
  • Cheaper than the price of an average computer
  • Give your organisation an impressive look and convey them your innovative outlook.
  • Convey your guests information on the executive he is going to have a meeting with.
  • Display as well as let them touch and interact your company offerings , solutions, services any information which can be of value.
  • Automize the meeting experience by letting the guests directly chat or inform through messages their arrivals to their counterparts.
  • Receive inputs and feedbacks from your customers right on the touch table itself.
  • Let your customers first impression be a long lasting impression of your organisation & your Office.

Showrooms Interactive Tables :-

Showrooms Interactive Tables

Enable your customers to touch & inquire the information, specifications they need, give them a unique experience about the product and increase your sales. Have you ever wondered how can you enable more customers get their queries answered within your sales team.Have you ever had your customers waiting while a few of them leave while your sales executives been busy. Has it ever happened that your customers wanted to checkout a specific model with a certain color, or a model which is not currently in your Showroom. How about an Interactive touch table which answers all their queries, which lets customers chat about all your products as well as displaying a 3d model of your product.

Features :

  • Windows/Android Based touch tables
  • Ability to chat and answer queries of your customers
  • Display your product in a 3d way
  • Enable your customers to slide and checkout your product specification
  • Comes in sizes of 15”,19”,21”,32”,42”,55”
  • Potentially a result oriented device, as interactivity & customer queires answered yields result in sales more often than not.
  • Give your customer self service option for pre sales as well as post sales.
  • Let your customers walk in and have their
  • Windows/Android Based touch tables