Video Wall

Video Wall

ThinkSMART delivers state or the art Video Walls with narrow bezels and builtin controllers giving an amazing look and feel as well as a seamless experience to the customer.

  1. Different sizes : 42” to 65”
  2. Narrow Bezel comes in 1.8mm, 3.8mm, 5.3mm
  3. Exceptional look with high brightness
  4. 4k Displays with Ultra high resolutions
  5. Builtin Controllers saving space and need for extra devices and wiring

Interactive Video Walls

Interactive Video Wall ThinkSMART continuing through our objective in terms of innovation and creativity presents Next Generational Interactive Video Walls where you can not only display but also transform these displays into an interactive screens bringing a whole new meaning into the signages.

Transparent Touch Video Walls

Transparent Touch Video Walls Taking a step further ThinkSMART has launched Transparent Video Wall which not only can display and enable people to touch or interact with it but can also be see through and transparent therefore giving businesses an option of branding their products beyond them, transforming a display into not only just an interactive medium but also through its transparent nature not only amazing the visitors but also giving it an edge in terms of branding.